Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why Proper Nouns Are Proper Grammar

Proper nouns are one of the most important parts of the English language. It shows great disrespect when you don't use proper nouns. For example, if I were writing a letter to a man named Jim, and I wrote 'jim' on the envelope, he would be very upset. If you ever plan on working in a professional environment, you need to make sure you have the best possible word usage. Remember, when you are working in the professional arena, this is key to landing that dream job you have always wanted.
How you handle these shows a level or respect and can be a symbol of status. For example, you would not call the President of the United States by his first name, anymore than you would spell his name using all lowercase letters if you were addressing mail to him.
What is more, with the evolution of technology and the internet, email has become an increasingly important form and mode of contact for professionals, employees, coworkers, and their employers. This is where your proper noun skills can really come in to play. When addressing an email, using all lowercase letters is a huge no-no. It makes you sound completely and utterly unprofessional and absolutely not the person for a job at any notable company. What kind of employer wants their employee sounding or coming across as ignorant and disrespectful via an email message? Even if you are currently employed or have no interest in obtaining a job, correct proper noun usage still pertains to you.
In every day life it is of utmost salience to hone good grammar skills. Teaching your kids to use proper nouns well is also a subject worth discussing. First, this will undeniably give your child a head start in their education. By teaching them the basics (capitalize the first letter of someone's first and last name, etc.) is a prime way to ensure they will have a good educational future.
The bottom line here is actually quite simple: when it comes to getting ahead in the workforce, in the schoolroom, or just in your daily life, proper nouns are very important. If you remember to capitalize proper nouns, you are likely to have a strikingly successful future ahead of you. Do not underestimate the power of the proper noun. It is a powerful tool when applying for job positions, and simply serves as a sign of respect.